Flexible and Affordable


Rent appliances month-to-month from $10/Mth

Delivery and installation right into your home 

Replacement guarantee for peace of mind

Partner with 2ndLease


Generate an income renting out your appliances 

Get paid extra for deliveries and collections

​Work on your schedule and be your own boss

Renting made easy!


Affordable: Rent appliances from only $10/Mth*

Flexible: Month-to-Month

Reliable: Replacement guarantee

The steps


1. Choose the goods you want to rent

2. Register an account with 2ndLease

3. Complete the online checkout

It's that easy with 2ndLease!

"I appreciated the service and ease of renting with your company!"
- Sue
"A fast and efficient rental of a fridge!"
- Tina
"Thank you very much, I really appreciate your services!"
- Brandon
"Thank you for the delivery and installation... Obviously working overtime to make me a very happy customer!"
- Pat
"I'm incredibly grateful, and will be recommending 2ndLease to anyone I know who needs a rental."
- Julie